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Law Office Veršić Marušić Becomes Member of the Russian-Croatian Forum

The potential of the Croatian and Russian economic co-operation and the development of business projects is big but not sufficiently utilized. Law Office Veršić Marušić became a member of the Russian-Croatian Forum, the Association established in 2013 with the following goals:

  • Counselling and assistance in preparing the appearances of companies on the markets of the Russian Federation, customs union, the Republic of Croatia and on the third markets
  • Counselling and assistance in preparing and realizing projects proposed by the Association members
  • Increasing competitiveness of common projects or business ventures on theirs or on the third markets

Considering the business law orientation and big experience of Law Office Veršić Marušić, we believe that we shall be able to provide a valuable contribution to the activities of the Forum.

23.04.2014. at 9:30

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